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Quotes & Observations



" Base your entire being on sincerity. The source of sincerity is the need of the creative principle. "

" Following this religion or that sect or anything else other than your own heart will only negate freedom of spirit and mind. "

" Everyone has the capacity to encompass the whole universe, but instead people fill it with the idea of self. "

" All living things throughout the universe are imbued with and indeed shares the same mind. Just as every living thing on earth shares the same water. This fact is at the basis of all teachings that constantly produce enlightened people. Teachings that omit this vital fact are incapable of inducing spiritual awakening. "

" Enlightenment is merely the state of those who have woken from the dream. "

" Life, itself, grows spherically in all directions and evolves via strategies of trial and error, natural selection and survival of the fittest. Many of society's problems today stem from the fact that people arrogantly believe that they are above all of that and have abolished these universal laws from their lives. "

" Death is normal and natural. It is our reaction to it that is unnatural. "

" Essentially you are the seer the seen and the seeing. "

" The universe's incessant need to build and grow and recreate is just one obvious trait evident in all things. "

" Thinking and watching your thoughts are not the same thing. When thinking, you are in the rapids. When watching, you are on the bank. "

" If you don't allow self to arise, what  is left to come and go? "

" If you can manage this none arising of self you will transcend heaven and hell, birth and death, at this moment the Tao will appear like your shadow as you turn on the light. "

" If you've never known hell you will only take heaven for granted. "

" Don't worry about dying, for that will be the last thing that you do. "

" Be a leaf floating on a creek. Offer no resistance, go with the flow and it will carry you around all obstacles. At times it will be rough and rapid, at others tranquil and reflective, and then it will carry you into the source. Be a leaf on a creek. "

"Water is the softest thing, yet it can penetrate mountains and earth. This shows clearly the principle of softness overcoming hardness."

Lao Tzu

" Thousands of people over thousands of years have invented thousands of beliefs concerning reality. All pointless acts of grasping given the fact that reality is, and has always been, the only thing that is happening. Reducing what is happening to a belief is out of the realms of rationality. "

" If we teach the mind to master the art of learning we shall delete the concept of 'I can't do that' from the mind and no goal could be set that could not be reached. "

" When you manage to be 100% still, if only for 10 seconds, everything becomes perfectly clear and reality  appears in flash like the appearance of shadow at the moment  a light is switched on. "

" In meditation it is not a matter of understanding the observer rather, it is a matter of observing the understanding. "

" If someone has been asleep for over 20 years a light nudge to stir them will not suffice to wake them fully and they will rapidly fall back into sleep. Attending a 5 day retreat once a year without daily maintenance thereafter is no different. "

" It is this delusion that creates life long need to belong to something other. Why do people feel a need to belong. "

" All people have the capacity of mind to contain the whole universe but instead fill it with the idea of self and then wrongly identify with that idea.

This misplaced identity is the root cause of chronic feelings of disconnection and a basic human need to belong and return to something greater. It is this situation that allows for cults sects and religions to prosper. "

" Concerning the original mind, guru's, monks and all sorts of people will try and tell you that they know. The fact is, they do not and cannot. The original mind is outside of the limited realm of knowledge.

It is with this mind one can explore eternity, true love and universal sincerity or ultimate reality by deep intuitive experience. "

" We can't fix the problems of the world with the same mind that creates those problems in the first place. We have to access and work from that higher spiritual dimension of mind that by its very nature generates love, unity, happiness and thereby health, spiritual wealth and universal success. "

"Once you begin the spiritual path there is suddenly no such thing as mistakes. There is only trial and error. This is in accordance with how life actually unfolds."

"If you know when you are thinking and you know when you are not thinking, what does knowing have to do with knowledge, which is an accumulation of thought?"

" It doesn't matter what you have done in the past or how bad you have been, you can still tap into your true nature and realise the truth behind your actions greatly changing your life and those around you for the better."

"A question will open untold doors and potentialities. A negative comment will stop all progression from that point on. Eg. Imagine the difference between the life of a person who says I CAN'T or YOU CAN'T DO THAT and the life of a person who says HOW CAN I DO THAT? or HOW DO YOU DO THAT?"

"There is a principle which is a bar against all information, which cannot fail to keep a man in everlasting ignorance - that principle is contempt prior to investigation."

Herbert Spencer

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