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Schedules and Contact

Grandmaster Wolf is available for online consultations. All of the details regarding the consultations and contact information are on the Exclusive Mystic Consultancy website (The small Reception team, Online Calendars and Bookings website for GMW).

UPDATE for previous visitors: The Reception team of GMW (Contact, Schedules and Bookings) has moved to a new website, the Exclusive Mystic Consultancy. Since November, the Reception team of GMW has been working on the new website that separates the Reception/Bookings from GMW's website, so that our workflows are more efficient and we can answer your questions faster. All the information regarding prices, how-to-book and other relevant details, are now live on the Exclusive Mystic Consultancy website.

Thank you to all who have written to us in the past. You'll find the Reception team via the links under the "Contact" below.

Special Announcement: Septimus P. Claymore has passed away


Unfortunately Septimus has passed away and due to this situation, plus the fact that Septimus was a volunteer with the GM Reception Team, who was kind enough to respond to you in his own private time and via his private email address, it has taken us some time to gain permission and access his email account.


Please rest assured that your emails have been passed on and will be responded to as soon as possible. This may take some time as there are several hundred emails to sort through. Thank you for your patience and understanding.


Best Regards

The Reception Team





Exclusive Mystic Consultancy:

The small Reception team, Online Calendars and Bookings website for GMW

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