Schedules and Contact

There are 2 options to meet with GMW:

1. Small Group Discussion (max.4 people) - 24hr notice

2. One-to-One Session - Booking Required

To attend Option 1, please put your name on the Waiting List. The instructions for the Waiting List are detailed in Option 1 below.



Unfortunately the free-of-charge Impromptu One-to-One Chat has been cancelled as an experiment due to the fact that the majority of waiting list participants did not answer the call/email.

However, the current waiting list of the Impromptu Chat has not been deleted and GM will honour the participants on that list by proceeding with the Impromptu email notice. Please ensure you have your email notifications turned on. No more names will be accepted from 9th September 2022.

By Donation

1.  Small Group Discussion

This group discussion will be organised with a 24 hour notification. A donation, (amount decided by you) is required to attend. Once the donation has been made, you will receive the link to the meeting room. The discussion will most likely be held on a weekend and will run for approximately 45 minutes. Your name must be on the waiting list to receive a notification, please follow the instructions:

Instructions for waiting list:

1. Email reception - the subject line must be: "Small Group Discussion". In the body of text it must read: "Please add my name to the Small Group Discussion waiting list"

Instructions for appointment:

When your name is next on the waiting list, a GMW team member will send an email with 24 hours notice to the email address you used for the waiting list. Once you receive this email:

1. Reply to the email with confirmation you will be attending (no reply will be taken as not attending)

2. Proceed with a donation using the "Donation Info" button. When making the donation please provide your name in the reference/notes section of your transaction. Note: If you Donate prior to the first email invite, it will be considered as a donation without expectation of attending the group discussion.

3. Wait for the meeting room link to arrive in your email

4. Click on the link to load the meeting room page and "knock" on the meeting room door.

Booking Required

2.  One-to-One Session

If you wish to engage GM for a personal online one-to-one private 1 hour session this can be organised via a third-party agent which incurs a fee.

Instructions for booking:

1. Email reception - the subject line must be "Booking Required: One-to-One Session" and feel free to ask any questions or to organise a booking.





    Bookings, Fees and Waiting Lists:


    General Questions:



The emails to the addresses above are received by reception staff; not by Grandmaster Wolf.

Thank you for your patience.