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" Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime. "


The above proverb totally encapsulates GMW's life endeavours.

"The science of self mastery and complete spiritual, mental and physical health is a process that can awaken people to their full inner and outer potential and it should be available to all people."


Science of Self Mastery and Inner Well Being

GMW feels deeply that the world has been long ready and in dire need for a spiritual revolution devoid of primitive belief and insane dogma.

"Realising your full and true nature will help you establish a rock solid spiritual core non-reliant on belief but manifest as experience. Also a clear mental process that is always in place. As a natural consequence of spiritual and mental health, emotional and physical health fall into place and flourish."

"All forms of suffering can be ended in a flash without substances or any other external intervention. The activation of this inner potential should be handed down to our children along with shoe lace tying and brushing teeth."


" When people come to me for help, advice or healing, fixing the problem I feel isn't enough, its only half the job done. To teach someone how the healing was done and to help them gain access to their own innate abilities to heal themselves, with the occasional necessary intervention with modern science technologies, and generate their own wisdom and inner health is surely the ideal objective of healing."

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