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Frequently Asked Questions

Please Read Before Contacting Us, Thank You.

Consultation/ Session

What is a consultation? How does it work?

How do I book a consultation?

What do I need for my consultation?

The consultation/session with GM is fully customised to you. During your session you can ask GM any questions that you want, including all subjects, training, guidance, experiences etc. The consultation can be a discussion, meditation, hypnotherapy, etc. You do not need to inform Reception of your questions, just be prepared with your questions/goals for your consultation.

Please read all of the Consultation Info page, and this FAQs page. If you would like the final details, please Email Reception and they will provide the information.

You need a working system i.e. computer/smartphone. Please ensure your headphones/speakers are functioning correctly before making a booking. If you are going to do a meditation or hypnotherapy please ensure your environment is controlled i.e. you will not be disturbed by other people, visitors knocking at the door etc. Over-ear headphones are most suitable.


When is a consultation available? What is the earliest available time-slot?

The calendar is blank and no time-slots are showing, is it working correctly? What do I do?

Are in-person consultations or visits available?

Time-slots are randomly made available on the online reservation/booking calendar. You are welcome to check the calendar as often as you like. Please see the question "What is a 21-day-window rolling calendar?" for a visual demo of how the booking calendar operates.

Consultations with GM are in high demand as you can appreciate. The calendar is functioning correctly even if there are no time-slots showing. No time-slots showing means GM is booked out, until the next time-slots are released onto the 21-day window calendar. You're welcome to check again and continue checking until you see an available time slot.

Currently no, but if this changes in the future it will be announced on the website. Please keep in mind you will need to take into consideration accommodation, travel and other arrangements outside of your consultations with GM.

What is a 21-day-window rolling calendar?

A 21-day calendar only shows 21 days into the future from today. Available time-slots are randomly made available on these 21 days. Please watch the short 20sec video for a demonstration by clicking on the video icon below.


Is GM accepting students?

Can I have my consultation recorded for personal use?

When do I get my recording? What happens to my recording?

It is at the discretion of GM whether a person is to become a direct student from the initial stages of online consultations. How often you meet with GM is totally up to you, as each person has varying life situations and development.

Yes, but GM will not assume that you wish to have your consultation recorded. You must ask him. After you have requested a recording, GM will commence recording which is facilitated by the platform Whereby. Within Whereby you will be informed that the recording has started by an animation/pop-up and a red dot will be visible throughout.

Your recording will be sent by staff within 72 hours via a file-sending platform to your email. You need to check your Spam Folder for a "WeTransfer" email. That email contains a link to your download. There is a 7-day expiry on the download so if you don't download it, it's lost forever because upon sending you your copy we immediately delete the original at our end.

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