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" There is a bright, happy and healthy mind in everyone, absolutely brimming with untapped potential and spiritual contentment."

Grandmaster Wolf



Above all else GMW is a mystic. That is to say from his early youth onwards GMW has been driven by a deep incessant need to return to an unknown source, and original true nature and to realise deeper truths. GMW lived in temples both in the Himalayas and remote mountains of China, then after decades of sacrifice, searching and sitting at length with awakened persons including the Dalai Lama, Jiddu Krisnamurti and Master Ni Ching Hua to name a few, GMW was awakened whilst in private discussion with enlightened Zen Master Yamahata Daido Hogen San, born 1935.

"It's funny, the very thing I was searching for for so many years was the very thing that was doing the searching in the first place."


" Not too long ago the power of the weather was seen as a mystery only known to the gods. However via today's science and technology it is now known to be simple physics, and can easily be known.

In exactly the same way the power of meditation was seen as a mystery only known by the mystics. However, today via the science of neurology and its technology, meditation is now known to be an extremely viable tool for healing and reprogramming mind and body."


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