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Quotes & Observations


The sound of the universe is my voice.

The noise of this planet is but a click of the tongue.

The contents of the universe is my body.

Life is my function in all galaxies.

All beings can say this throughout the Cosmos in complete truth,

For there is only one life,

And it is all things,

Add infinitum.



Teachings and Precepts

GMW is a classical Taoist Master whose teachings do not differ from when first professed by the ancient grandfathers of Taoist mysticism Chuang Tzu and Lao Tzu author of the Tao Te Ching.

"Truth is as old as the stars.

There is nothing new to teach.

Just new delusions to dissipate,

And new minds to guide."


Truth, Enlightenment and Self Mastery are the fundamental objectives and necessary practices for a lifestyle of this way (Tao) each practice bolstering the other two. GMW has walked this path for over half a century training in Tibet, China and Australia and has changed literally thousands of lives via his mental, physical and spiritual training based on ancient knowledge and contemporary science and technology.

" The bliss of truth is right on the tip of your nose".


The mind and the brain are two completely different things. In the same way that a transistor radio and the announcer that you hear speaking through it are not the same thing. The brain creates thoughts and pictures in answer to need and want. The mind is what sees the thoughts and pictures.

The fundamental principle of mind is awareness. Hence when you practice awareness you strengthen the principle of your being. When you practice thinking you strengthen internal chatter. When internal chatter is the dominating force in your brain you are done for.

"Mysticism and Science both work in the same way, towards the same end and both share the common enemy that is the religious mentality."


Just as Master Wolf's teachings are based on three fundamental necessities for human completeness, there are three fundamental precepts that generate the need of these practices and teachings.

The Precepts

(UNI - (one) -VERSE (single line of poetic composition))


The UNI-VERSE, in its entirety, is one immense living entity and you cannot ever be separate from that. By its very nature (Tao) it consistently creates and recreates within itself and each manifestation is imbued with its awareness including you and I.


Via the correct practices it is possible to negate, (through specific meditations) all that we are aware of until we arrive at awareness itself and in that arrival have the realisation that as awareness you saturate the cosmos and indeed are it, (Enlightenment), the living entity called the Universe.


The entity, that is the cosmos, by its very nature (Tao) has the innate power and need to consistently build and manifest all that there is (galaxies, planets, life-forms etc) and those innate powers are in you and I and all things, and can be accessed and wielded through self mastery and a deep understanding of cosmological evolutionary principles.

The 3 Precepts explain everything from quantum entanglement, placebo and love to the reason for galaxies, panspermia and life itself.

The tao is always present and always available... if you are willing to be lived by it, you will see it everywhere, even in the most ordinary things.


If in meditation we negate all that we are aware of, we inevitably arrive at awareness itself, and in that arrival experience the creative principle of life.


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